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Chihuahuas need rehoming
$ 300.00
  • Jan 13, 2019
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  • Chihuahuas need rehoming
  • $ 300.00
  • 2 Year(s)ChihuahuaMaleI have 2 male chihuahuas, one is 2 and the other is around 3. Up to date on all shots, both neutered, pee pad trained. They are not good with children, which is why I need to re-home. They are fine with my child, but when she has friends over that is where the issue is, especially with the older one. The 2 year old also is very fearful of men and has shown some aggression. The older dog I got from someone on here and I am pretty sure he was abused, so he has some issues. They need a lot of patience and work, but once they know and trust you, they are very loving. I would like to find someone who has experience with chihuahuas to give them a loving home. I hate having to do this, but it is not fair to them to have them constantly locked up any time people are over. I just want them to find a good home where they can be happy. Re-homing fee applies, I would prefer to keep them together if possible. If you cannot afford a rehoming fee, then you cannot afford to take care of them. Vet bills, heartworm and flea prevention are all quite costly. I want to be sure that they go to a good home where they will be loved and taken care of.Cleveland 43109
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