5-generation tea cup Pomeranian Puppies!

$ 500.00
5-generation tea cup Pomeranian Puppies!
Quality Pomeranian puppies with fantastic bloodlines, no health issues.
Both parents are KC Registered, Mum is an English bred Pomeranian. the Father is a KC Registered Latvian dog.
This is the Mothers first and only mating. The mating was done due to the fact we lost one of our dogs, which was my daughter's dog, rather than going out and purchasing another dog, we decided to have one litter out of Petal (the Mother), who is now rising three years old and has been an impeccable Mother so far.
Both parents are what is classed as teacup/miniature teddy-bear Pomeranian.

The birth was rather long and drawn out and at points I totally understood why breeding with toy breeds can be dangerous.

These puppies will only go to 5-Star pet homes and all these homes will be vetted to ensure that the new owners and their home are suitable for the requirements of this breed.

All of the puppies are extremely well socialised around other dogs, children and people in general.
They are only 5 weeks old at the time of writing this advert (will be updated in due course) and are already puppy-pad trained and started to be weened.
Although these puppies come from fully KC Registered parents, these puppies are to be sold with 5 Generation Pedigrees due to the fact these puppies will be far too small to ever breed with, infact probably too small to show under KC Regulations.

Although my knowledge is limited on Pomeranians, as Petal is just a very much loved family pet. I myself am a KC Registered Shar-pei Breeder, I show all seven of my Shar-pei to a high show standard. All my Shar-pei are very much spoilt pampered pooches, but little Petal takes it to a whole other level. All these super cute teddy-poms have been treated the same as any of my Shar-pei puppies that I have bred. They have had luxury to a whole new level from the word go as that is what I feel they deserve and this should be carried forward into there new forev
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