German Shepherd and Belgium Malinois

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German Shepherd and Belgium Malinois
Hi everyone!! I need everyone’s help in sharing this post please. I don’t want any judging at all. If anyone knows me they know I’ve tried everything possible before having to post this. I am needing to find a new home for my boys Ronin aka German Shepherd and Joker aka Belgium Malinois. I’m willing to travel. I’ve contacted every rescue here in the Bay Area, non kill shelter, foster homes and there are just to many dogs in foster homes and shelters and now with the fires there are even more that have no room. I’ve advertised on several rescue websites as well. I live in San Leandro, CA. Please call me or text me for any questions and questions I will have for you too. The rescue places are telling me I will have a lot more success by posting on social media. Due to financial reasons I’m moving and unfortunately there is either a weight restriction or breed restriction to where I am not able to take them with me. It wouldn’t be fare to them to be cooped up in a place with no yard like they are use to having. These two kind loving boys are brothers from another mother. They get along with kids and female dogs and puppies. It’s best for them to not be around males dogs who can most of the time be the alpha and boys being around boys can cause chaos. Both are all up to date on shots, chipped and are both 8 years old. They will need a backyard where they can play and have to be with each other. I can’t separate them unless the Shepherd can be with another dog that’s female or a puppy and a sweetheart is the only way to separate them. He needs a buddy. Ronin like most Shepherds as they get older has lupus on his nose. It’s a skin pigment chafed from black to pink and to a crusty stuff on his nose. Other then that the boys are like puppies and love life. I have photos of them too. If you or know someone who is interested please send them my way. My number is 650-660-8002. Please text first in case I don’t have this person of interest number and I know who’s contacting
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